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    Maddie Cassidy

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Maddie Cassidy, Marketing Specialist here at Global Aquaculture Alliance. I live in New Hampshire, USA by our global HQ. I studied Global Environmental Studies in college, with a focus on food systems. Seafood was one aspect my curriculum didn't focus on very much, so I was very excited to get involved with the industry through my job at GAA, and have learned so much in the two years that I have been on the team.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all – please feel free to email me or Jason Trott if you have any questions about Connect:

    Talk soon!

  • Ersin Secki
    Hi All,
    As an IALA member company, ASAKUA provides supply chain for turnkey Fish & Mussel Farming projects including project consultancy and design in Aquaculture industries.
    Our main products are Fish Farming Cages, Fish Nets, Mussel Ropes, PP Ropes, Injection Brackets, Mooring Buoys, Mooring Equipments, Fish Pumps and more.
    Please enter the link below and visit our website for exploring our products and services:

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